Food Policy 

Food Policy Guides

A Guide to Developing a Sustainable Food Purchasing Policy - Food Alliance (USA) 

Best Practices for Campus Food Systems: A Guide to Creating Your Campus Real Food Policy - Real Food Challenge (USA) 

Eating Sustainably: An Introduction to Sustainable Food - Emory University (USA)

What Could a Fair Food University Look Like? - Fair Food Challenge (Aus) 

University Food Policies

Cardiff University Sustainable Food Policy  (UK) 

City University London Sustainable Food Policy (UK) 

Middlesex University Sustainable Food Policy (UK) 

University of Brighton Sustainable Food Policy (UK) 

University College London Healthy and Sustainable Food Policy (UK) 

University of Leicester Sustainable Food Policy (UK) 

University of St Andrews Sustainable Food Policy (UK) 

City Food Policies

Food City - City of Melbourne Food Policy (Aus) 


Cash-Strapped Cook Up - Charles Sturt University (Aus)

Good and Cheap - Leanne Brown, New York University (USA)

Shopping, cooking and eating to stay healthy on a budget - The University of the Sunshine Coast (Aus)

$5 Dinners - National Gourmet Institute (USA) 

Food Co-Ops &

Community Kitchens  

Food Co-Ops

Cooperatives in Australia: A Manual - Regional Development Australia (Aus) 

How to Set Up a Food Co-Op in a University or College - (UK)

How to Set Up a Food Co-op or Buying Group at Work - (UK) 

Setting up a Food Cooperative. Things to Consider - NSW Health (Aus) 

The Cooperatives Start Up Manual - Cooperative Federation of Victoria (Aus)

Community Kitchens 

Community Kitchen Best Practices Toolkit - Food Security Network (Canada) 

Community Kitchens Manual: Grow Cook Share - Peninsula Health (Aus)