Other Initiatives

Here at Fair Food Challenge, we are co-creating and trailing interventions to improve the campus food system and environment. From free fruit to wash stations to pop up events, we're all about implementing practical solutions.

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Wash Station at the Farmers' Market

We operate a wash station at the Farmers' Market on campus. We distribute serving ware to stallholders and encourage customers to wash up their own plates and cutlery.

This initiative reduces the amount of single use plastic used on campus, so far this program has prevented 10,000+ items of plastic going to landfill. 


Free Library Fruit

We know that Australian's in general don't eat enough fruit and with busy schedules and a lack of fresh fruit and vegetables on campus, we know that students are not scoring well either. 

So to help students get closer to their 2 serves, we set up a free fruit stand in Ballieu Library that we stock with delicious produce from the Farmers' Markets. 



Pop Up Events

We're always looking for innovative and exciting ways to transform our campus. How about a spherical seating area covered in edible plants? Visit the GrowRoom!