Cip's Tips #2 - Learn to love naked veg

Cip's Tips #2

Is there anything crazier than seeing a banana, beautifully contained in its own natural packaging, wrapped in plastic? One of the quickest ways to cut down on your landfill waste is to avoid buying produce uneccessarily wrapped up in plastic, sitting in styrofoam and swaddled in netting. 

The Age recently completed an investigation in to the amount of plastic used in Australian supermarkets, and the picture is not good. A waste initiative launched by the Environment Protection Authority in 2015 found 217 NSW supermarkets disposed of more 230 tonnes of plastic film and wrap - and that's not to mention all the waste being generated once the produce gets home.  

Cip says:  Let your veggies roam free. Look for unpackaged fruit and veg (farmers’ markets and grocers are great for this!) and place in reusable produce bags or try making your own.