Cip's Tips #1 - No straws thanks!

Cip is the friend who makes us want to be more sustainable in all aspects of our life, but sometimes it's hard to know where to start and we just need a few pointers. We would hate to keep this sage advice to ourselves, so we present to you the very first Cip's Tips - a column  that encourages everyone to think a little more and try a little harder. 

Note: All of Cip's Tips include just some of the brands or products that Cip has used. There are tonnes of other eco/sustainable options out there and we always encourage you to do your own research! 

#01 - No straws thanks! 

Did you know that you can refuse straws in your drinks? When placing your order, ask for it to be served without a straw. If you find yourself forgetting, make yourself a card that sits in your wallet. If you need a straw, you can purchase a metal or glass one to take with you. They look great and are easy to clean.