Market Digest: Allison Walshe of Carmel Hill

Allison at her property in Trentham 

Allison at her property in Trentham 

What do you make/grow? Veggies, spuds, kale, cabbage, broccoli, silverbeet, carrot, leek, shallots, berries, lamb, rhubarb

Where are you based? Trentham, Central Vic

Why is it important to support Victorian producers? Local food, food miles, keeping agri business in our state, property zone (farming) security, keeping a variety of good quality produce growing, less large scale contract growers.

Do you think there is a shift/movement in local food systems? Yes there are more people growing their own produce in tows. People are generally thinking about where their food comes from and how it is grown. I don’t think people are guided as price as much as in previous years.


Carmel Hill can be found weekly at The University of Melbourne Farmers' Market on Union Lawn, and at other selected Melbourne Farmers' Markets