Meet the Team

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Sophie Lamond

Fair Food Challenge Co-director  

Favourite food: Broccoli, pasta, cheese? Probably pasta with broccoli and cheese...
Food related fact: She once curated a dinner party for 120 people imagining a post-apocalyptic future. Guests snacked on insects, jellyfish, seaweed and Spam, among other things. 

As a next level food enthusiast, Sophie is currently undertaking her PhD in Food Policy at the University of Melbourne. Prior to this she completed her Master of Environment during which she wrote a thesis about Milo. Sophie started Fair Food Challenge in 2015 as a response to some of the grand sustainability challenges she was learning about in class. She believes that by mobilising the community to take on projects close to home we can work together to transform the food system. 


Sophie Jackson

Fair Food Challenge Co-director

Favourite food: Butter.
Food related fact: She once kept a diary rating all the croissants she ate.

Sophie is a food systems researcher, communications expert and an alumna of the Master of Environment program at the University of Melbourne. As a founding member of Fair Food Challenge, she would love to see universities become a place where all students have access to food that is nutritious, delicious, sustainable and fair for all those in the food supply chain. She believes that universities can use their buying power to effect real positive change within the food system.


Scout Deurwaarder

Fair Food Challenge Program Manager 

Favourite food: Pie. Any kind of pie. Preferably slathered in veganonnaise.
Food related fact: They like to think that they popularised the “vegan pulled pork” sandwich in Melbourne cafes by simply adding to one menu a few years after it had already taken off.

Scout’s philosophy is that good food is sustainable. They're currently acquiring a Master of Environment degree at the University of Melbourne following a philosophy degree from La Trobe. Their vision for a fair food university is a space where a broad range of students have access to cuisines that are culturally diverse, sustainably procured and environmentally regenerative without any barriers to stop them from engaging with the wider food environment. Scout was drawn to Fair Food Challenge as an organisation that empowered individuals make a difference at an institutional level.


Eleanor Percival

Fair Food Challenge program manager and volunteer co-ordinator 

Favourite food: Blondies, the white choc brownie overlooked cousin.
Food related fact: Her interactions with the shopkeeper at a local grocer can be summarised by the greeting of 'you go through a lot of hummus'.  

While she did not realise it while studying agricultural science at the University of Sydney, Eleanor's dream was be an eternal student and is dedicating herself to that goal by completing a Master of Environment with a focus on sustainable food. She dreams of seeing universities become places where choosing sustainable food is easy, affordable, cultivates food community leaders and sets an example for the rest of society. She believes that Fair Food Challenge can do this and is excited to be along for the ride.