Re-Use Service 

Please use the following options to book items through our re-use service.  We are a non-for profit student-run service, all costs go towards covering the services we provide and into education and advocacy programs for fair food on university campuses. We operate on a tired pricing model and offer a 25% discount to students which will be applied to your invoice. 

Booking is easy. Just follow the steps below. 

  1. Let us know how many people your event is for.
  2. Let us know the services you require, in this step you can choose delivery and washing options. 
  3. Choose the specific items you would like to hire (these items are included in your event fee).
  4. Choose any extra items you would like to hire (these items incur extra charges).


Choose a service 

Step One - This will determine the cost of your order.

Step Two - Choose services required. Washing and delivery services incur costs but you can choose to DIY for free.

Step Three - Choose the specific items you'd like to hire for your event. The cost of these items is included in your event fee (you may order up to the maximum amount of guests you selected in the first step). 

Step Four - Order any extra cookware or equipment you require.  

The UniCycle

Congrats! We will send you an invoice soon.

Please email us at if you have any questions or would like to amend your order.